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Step 1: MVP

The very first edition that you are now seeing is the minimum viable product. The next editions of the project will be very different as this is mainly to get potential users to try it and get a mailing list. Comment on read-only posts, connect to community, and sign up for newsletter.

Step 2: Sign Up for Early Access

The first edition will be out after opening weekend and the first bloggers/sports fans to sign up, will get the opportunity to be early-access users and the first stake in voting proxy for our DAO/Community.

Step 3: Live Product Launch

The official first version will be out hopefully within the first weeks of the season, but we want to get as many people up and blogging as soon as possible to build out our databases and have a good SEO presence

Ready! Start blogging, engaging with fellow fans, and making money.


Featured Story

Six predictions for Week Zero!

While there isn't really any big powerhouse matchups, there are some intriguing lines and games to watch in Week Zero.

Nebraska Beats Northwestern

I just don't see how we have a letdown here - I know I've bit my tongue for saying that many times before, but I'm confident this year is different. New staff, new attitude, and new 'Skers!

There's a Big QB Battle in Chapel Hill

There's a lot of questions around this position with the Tarheels losing their stud QB Sam Howell to the NFL. Watch tonight to see who takes the most snaps against Florida A&M.

The Over Always Hits

There will be a lot of sloppy plays, big trick plays, and much more you can't really predict or anticipate in Week 1 - take the over! Duh!

Vegas Up on Northwestern

The line has edged closer to -10.5 Nebraska this morning, showing that an influx of Northwestern bets are pooling in leading up to game time.

Late Night Football in Hawaii

I love late kickoffs - we get one tonight from Honolulu when the Warriors take on Vanderbilt. I predict an upset Hawaii win!

Don't Blow Your Bankroll in Week 0

Just a little PSA about gambling - DON'T BLOW YOUR BANKROLL ON WEEK 0! You know nothing about these teams, maybe saw one of them play in the spring, and have no idea what will happen today. Wait until at least week one to blow your entire bankrolL!

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    Reddit Channel - r/HuskerJS

    This is one of the places you should always check if you are looking for me. Will be hosting early posts by community there and also having a live chat.

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    Twitter - Follow @GeauxWeisbeck4

    If I'm not tweeting, I'm probably doing something very important because it takes a lot to get me off Twitter. I'll have a talk space sometime today as well as delivering the livest tweets of the day.

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The HuskerJS blog will have a lot of interesting articles about Nebraska football but more importantly, it will have any issues or features releases, product updates, and much more from the HuskerJS team. Stay tuned - you won't want to miss out on what is to come!

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HuskerJS Gameday Week One North Dakota

It's Gameday week one and I got my first Video Blog up and gameday preview. Check it out!

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Finding New Ways to Lose With Nebraska

On this week's episode of Finding New Ways to Lose football games: Puking, Keeping the Ball Away From Playmakers 101, and the ol YOLOnside kick

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Nebraska 2022 Season Preview

This is somewhat a brief preview given how big of a fan I am, but it will have to do as it is only a few hours to game time

North Dakota Fighting Hawks

Gameday Week One: North Dakota Fighting Hawks at Nebraska Cornhuskers

North Dakota University comes to Lincoln on Saturday, scratching for leftovers from the 'Debacle in Dublin' - Oh give me a fucking break please...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Sign up for the newsletter, join our community groups, and start talking trash to other fans until your heart is full.

Share with your network so we can grow this platform quickly and for more teams.

How do I install this template site to get going?

You can head on over to this websites GitHub Repository and `git clone` the repository.

Once you clone the repository, `cd` into the HuskerJS-official directory and run `npm install`. After your packages finish installing, run `npm run dev' and code something pretty!`

What's your worst fear about this season?

I honestly don't have expectations anymore and try not to emotionally attach myself to the team like I used to. Nevertheless I'll probably have a meltdown when we're 4-6 again...

Who's the best Husker player of all time?

Eric Crouch - he was my hero as a kid. He would just straight up tear dudes apart by running through them, around them, and in between the tackles. RIP Power-Option

What was the craziest Husker moment you saw live?

I was actually at the 2012 Northwestern Hailmary Game when Ron Kellog III hit Jordan Westerkamp in the end zone to win the game!

I still can't believe that one went our way - sheesh!

Who is going to win the national championship this year?

You know - I really didn't do as much off-season reading as I normally do this year. But I'm going to 100% confidently say Alabama. It's been a year since they won it so they have another one comin.

Week One Picks




UNC Tar Heels over FAMU


Hawaii shocks Vanderbilt


Illinois Crushes Wyoming


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