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Gameday Week One: North Dakota(0-0) at Nebraska Cornhuskers(0-1)

North Dakota University comes to Lincoln on Saturday, scratching for leftovers from the 'Debacle in Dublin' - Oh give me a fucking break please...

La Lah La La Lah… Oh shit.. Football Game?

Yep, you have to get up and watch this with everyone else. Well actually I would say don’t do it.

Our Best Chance For a Win So Far This Season

So I can’t help but be excited knowing that we have our best opportunity at picking up our first win of the season right here on this one. The first win is the best one, because it means you finally stopped losing.

EEk - North Dakota this week?

No, No - this North Dakota…

No, not National Championship winning, run the ball down your throat and play smart football North Dakota State team. We couldn’t handle them - seriously, they are Northwestern x2 - with less talent.

We’re talking the North Dakota Fightin Hawks baby! Yeeeaaaatt! FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON!!!

I don’t know if I could handle an upset from a FCS school right now. It would be like taking a rusty nail and embedding it into my skull. Those migraines… that’s what a Saturday with Husker football is like.

Saturday’s Matchup and Prediction

Frost says Huskers are confident, ready to ‘prove it’ against North Dakota

Nebraska 59 North Dakota 38

I don’t even have any good rationale for this score. This is just a random gamble/guess at what it will be. Go Big Red!