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Gameday Week Two: Georgia Southern at Nebraska

Nebraska really showed that they don't care to help Scott keep his job

Well its another week and another Husker game… I guess lets do this.

Week Two: Georgia Southern Eagles at the Nebraska Cornhuskers

Well last week was really ugly. I guess maybe this week they’ll play their best game of the season? Or ever under Scott Frost? I dunno, I’m ready for something new. But, we have to watch this game tonight, so I suppose we better go ahead and jump right into this bad boy.

Georgia Southern Preview

Former USC coach Clay Helton had Georgia Southern crush Morgan State 59-7 last week. They are going from a triple option attack to a spread n gun attack, but they seem to have adjusted just fine. Nebraska’s secondary is going to have a long night if they can’t tackle.

Georgia Southern’s secondary is their strength on defense. I dunno what else to say - Georgia Southern may keep it close.

Final Score Nebraska 45 Georgia Southern 31