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HuskerJS Gameday Week One North Dakota

Another glorious week of Cornhusker football! Predictions for the big games today, updates on HuskerJS, and previewing Nebraska's big matchup with North Dakota lol...

It’s Gameday in Lincoln, NE! Ain’t Nothing Like it!

Join me on my Video Blog this week and get my picks for today’s games! I also talk about Husker football briefly.

This is more or less a trial run - I want to start doing this live. Today was kind of a spur of the moment idea so let me know what you think!

HuskerJS Gameday Week One

North Dakota Comes to Town

Today’s matchup features the 0-1 Nebraska Cornhuskers, taking on the North Dakota Fighting Hawks (0-0) for the battle of the Northern Midwest Square Shaped States Trophy! Oh the prestige - I can’t handle the excitement for today’s game!


69 Degrees, Sunny, 14 mph Wind - A beautiful day for football!

Depth Chart

Final Prediction

Boy oh boy… let’s just say that if you are surprised the Huskers are, where we are right now, then you are seriously delusional or missed the last four years of Husker football.

This is one of those “practice” games where we really don’t learn anything of real value, unless ND plays us close. Sigh… Oh Husker football.

It sucks that it’s hard to even get excited for games anymore. Nebraska really has made itself irrelevant, even to it’s own diehard fans. I have way more fun watching UNC and LSU play anymore. You just know exactly what your going to get with Nebraska.

With that being said, we know the drill. Score a couple early and make us feel really good, play three shitty quarters of football so we can bitch all week till our next game, and get our first win of the year against an FCS school - once again.