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Nebraska 2022 Season Preview

This is somewhat a brief preview given how big of a fan I am, but it will have to do as it is only a few hours to game time

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football 2022 Season Preview

It seems almost treasonous as a Husker fan, but I didn’t watch the Spring Game this year. Not even leading up to the game this week - I didn’t want to know anything or have any expectations coming into this season. I’m not gonna lie - being a Husker fan has been extremely trying for quite some time now, and adding that in with some personal things, I’ve had a hard time rallying around Husker football since Scott Frost’s first year in Lincoln.

I remember that first night game - I was in Bozeman, MT and had been so excited all day for the game and the start of a new era of football. As lore goes, lightning struck right outside of the stadium and the game got cancelled forever. I’m convinced we got cursed that god-damn night. It sounded like it was just one big reunion party in Lincoln, time for the good ol days of Glorious ‘Ole Nebraska U.

That was 2018 - fast-forward four years and I never imagine that this is where we would be after hiring Scott Frost. He has yet to record a winning season and our team has never really looked any better than it did pre-Frost. It’s so hard to know how this huge coaching overhaul is supposed to flip the page and get us back to at least bowl eligibility.

This season is quite intriguing and I really don’t have a good season preview to write for you right now as I have hardly researched the team until this week. Yes, I’ve picked up a few things, but I’m still not convinced that we are going to be anything different until I see it. I’m not saying this preview is trite, but you are not going to get any new information that will help your bet today (well maybe actually) or help you understand what the Huskers will look like in 2022.

A New Mindset

What I have for you today is something that I have had to learn over the years as a Husker fan since college - not making your whole life revolve around Husker sports. This has made it possible for me to still watch games on Saturday and then enjoy the evening by going on a late night bike ride to Cookout with my partner Lisa and bash on a Caramel Cheescake Shake and eat fried food while enjoying the beautiful crisp southern air of North Carolina in the fall - there’s nothing like it.

My mindset has been to just soak in the entire experience of everything going on during Gameday. It sounds simple, and it is simple. I wake up early in the morning and fire up GameDay while working on a web development project and cooking breakfast. I get my last morning bets in before kick off and I’m stuck to the TV - as a fan of the sport and Alumni of the University of Nebraska.

No longer as “Andrew the Miserable Dickhead Fan When The Huskers Lose” do I spend my weekends - I now spend them blogging about the games with my new project HuskerJS.dev, working on the website styling of another project, or talking to friends I haven’t spoken to in a while.

I still watch the Husker game and cheer hard and get excited - I just don’t give a shit anymore what the outcome is. Yeah I’ll be a little sad if they lose, but its easy to shake off when you hit a $800-1000 parlay, just like I did about 5-6 times last college football season.

Not Your Typical Season Preview

I told you this wouldn’t be your typical football season review - there hasn’t actually been anything discussed about Husker football in any technical aspect at all. I’ll say this - I bet our offense is a whole lot more sharp and we fly the hell around on defense and stick our helmet up under some chinstraps. But trying to predict what Nebraska football will do on any given weekend is like throwing a hot dog down the hallway - it’s a practice that is merely a waste of time.

Instead I will guess, randomly on the outcome of the football season by taking it each game at a time and seeing what happens, where our momentum is at, and what adversity we have to deal with during the season. Football is all about momentum - I understand that to the T as a former football player. That momentum is an important aspect of winning games as it is the gel that makes the entire team cohesive.

We will see how that unfolds as the season goes on.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article, even though it didn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know about this team. It might just be best to not have any expectations - don’t say I didn’t warn you (especially when we fumble the first punt we field 😂 ).

Have a great 2022 college football season y’all!